Understanding IT Outsourcing as a Business Owner

Most of SeattleĀ IT services, as it relates to business owners, is about expectations. You expect that everything will work just fine until you’re unexpectedly hit with some crazy hacker or virus that takes down your entire infrastructure instantly…. that’s just not fun at all.

IT Outsourcing

Most of these issues can be boiled down to a lack of good IT Services. Really, a good it outsourcing firm will expect that your expectations of having “peace of mind” is just fine. It’s utterly frustratingly, disastrous to have to deal with some person in India (who you can barely understand) about your latest network crash… what is Linux?

Here’s 13 warning signs that you should consider when hiring an IT outsourcing company or when building your own IT department at your company. There’s often a huge gap in communication between people who don’t understand tech and people who live in the geeky tech world all day dreaming about their next D&D play over the weekend… yes, communication can break down easily.

Response Time

We are not talking about greased lightning here but your IT service should respond to problems quickly. How fast does your IT team respond to a problem? Are you able to get a hold of them if you call?

If you’re a business executive and you’re wondering why things never get done, perhaps it’s because your IT team is unaware of the right tools that they could be using to make your life… a lot easier.


Yes, this is key to marriage… but it’s also key to IT! Don’t forget that your business is, in sorts, married to your business. Your business can not run effectively without the right setup and support. You should expect to receive regular reports on the functions of your business. There should be consistent iterations with your IT department to make things better… this communication should not sound like geek gibberish either.

Before you make a decision download the 13 warnings signs eBook and consider getting a free evaluation with a local IT outsourcing company. You may find that outsourcing your IT is a breeze compared to your current setup. You may also find that your current IT team needs to be fired and you need to outsource to a different company. Either way, hiring the right IT department is vital to your company’s success.