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How is PHP Developing Into a World-Class Programming Platform?

PHP is one of the most popular programming languages in use today. It's easy to use, fast and powerful. But what makes php developing so great? Why has php become such a world-class programming platform? Find out here!

php is great! php has become a world class programming platform. php is super easy to use, fast and powerful. php makes it easy to create php applications which means commercial applications can be released quickly to the market, & changed & adapted quickly too

php is extremely popular and has a very big community of supporters & users - it's a go-to standard in the industry. Why is this important? php's strength comes from its community php is super easy to use php makes it easy to create php applications php has a very big community.

php makes it easy to connect with databases, making data management easier. Why is data management important?

php developers have access to hundreds of php frameworks, with the most popular being Laravel. What are php frameworks? Why is having access to them important? php developers have access to php frameworks & make php development easier

php is free to use. Why is this important? php doesn't cost anything & php will always be open source. Open source makes it accessible by everyone and the creativity of the world to continually improve upon its capabilities & uses

php is completely safe - there's no risk of being hacked php is open source php is very easy to learn php has large support community php uses a simple syntax php applications are efficient php can create stunning websites php can create stunning web applications

php has many new features, like php namespaces and closures. php is becoming even more secure with the latest version of php.

php is therefore continuing to grow rapidly and maintain its "world-class" status amongst programmes!

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